Open fire!

The used car salesman seemed a bit dodgy to me.

The adventures I read about are absent from my life.

I'm surprised at how tired I am.

Recently, no matter how much I sleep, it never seems to be enough.

I asked Tuan to drop me off at the train station.

It was all Susumu's fault.

It was flat.

All of a sudden they stopped talking.

I'm sure Frank had something to do with that.


The man washing the car is Mr Jones.

I didn't do what you're accusing me of doing.

"What should I do next?" she said to herself.

Jay made a phone call to Pratap.

Lin didn't want to see Win.

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Surya didn't flush the toilet.

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Dalton was worried, too.

His report has just been handed in.

You can believe me, because I heard this news first hand.

I'm a farmer.

I thanked him for his help.

Kirsten is able to play football.

Look under the seat.


It's nice to have someone to talk to.

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Paul is often late for work.


He said that it was nine o'clock.

The neighbor's dog was barking all night.

Whichever way you take, it'll take you the same time.

Give those cookies to her.

We need to save up money to buy a new car.

I can't trust Marie.

Arnold didn't understand what I meant.

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Smoking may be deadly.


Bradley is still looking.

Steven wants you to wash his car.

Jane was on top of the world when she got a record contract.

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I am perhaps a bit of a lone wolf.

Of course, I can't tell him.

After falling victim to clickbait, my computer caught a virus.


Knapper slammed her purse on the table.


You talked to her, didn't you?

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It is rumored that he will shortly resign.

I think we may have something that you'd be interested in buying.

I'll do it right away.

We just don't think it's cool.

Perry became used to the loud deliberations.

Do you have doubts?

Moringa leaves have a lot of health benefits.


I took an umbrella in case it should rain.

I don't remember ever meeting you before.

She held back her anger, and smiled graciously.

I wouldn't mind that.

We often hear it said that Japanese people are conservative.

Lou asked me how many students were still in the classroom.

Even though Sabrina is sick, he's swimming again today.


I'll soon finish reading this novel.


Maurice was very kind.

Something very unusual has happened.

He washes the pants.

He quoted a higher price possibly because he thought I was a foreigner.

The police followed Pratap's car into the decommissioned tunnel.

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He became a meme.

She was supposed to join us for lunch.

Shai is a guard.

I thought I was doing you a favor.

It's very bright.


This is the unforgettable place where we met each other for the first time.

Your mother will probably object to your climbing the mountain.

Who listened?

I really like the way you do this.

It just doesn't seem right to me.

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The party organized by Ramneek was a huge success.


I'll make that bird sing, you'll see!

Dogs have masters, cats have servants.

Some of them couldn't handle the pressure.


I'm happy to hear you say that.

I'm a kid that watches ALOT of TV.

I've promised Conrad I would help.

I know that German with a long beard.

Why don't you go and join him?

Where do you think we should go?

That could come in handy.

We all participated at the party.

You need more experience for this job.


I don't have the slightest intention of retiring.

Where is it kept?

Object-oriented programming is all about indirection.

She wrote a lot of poems.

Did you see the sunset earlier? It was really beautiful.


My niece is my sister's daughter.

She will cheat him, as so many others.

People say that the fox is more cunning than other animals.


Do you have any plans for Saturday?

It is not because I hate him, but because I love him.

He is a bad boy.

I am sorry to trouble you.

Benson swims very well.

They wanted jobs with the government.

I know I'll be able to do it.

It's going to be OK now, Rolfe, don't worry.

Did anything unusual happen today at school?

You should be thankful that you're alive.

We can walk back.

It is too much for me. I need to slow down.

Troy left with no notice.

Heads I win, tails you lose.

I didn't do that with him.

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Help finally arrived.

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I hope they name their dog Cookie.

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Sanjib is drawing a picture of a small boy and his dog.

What do you think I want?

He went to Rome, where he saw a lot of old buildings.

It is a complete mystery what caused the accident.

The jury deliberated for three days.

Sorry to have kept you waiting.

We're friends now.


Bobby said he didn't want to think about it.

Answer me!

Two is the only even prime number.

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Do you have a vacancy?

Try this pancake and tell me if you like it.

He had this stupid habit of slouching against any available surface.

We stayed up all night trying to come up with a plan.

We hope that storks will come to us again and again.

You screwed her?

I'm not here to make friends.

I was hoping we could help each other.

Virtually all sources of commercial peanut butter in the United States contain minute quantities of aflatoxin.

I wonder if there is anything good on TV.

He said they were responsible for the present problem.


Try something new.

They won the kissing contest.

Can you exchange a 10000 yen note into 50 pence coins?

You are a pretty girl.

It is a lot of fun picking various shells on the sands.

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Some people say that fish is brain food.

Let's start in plenty of time. I don't like to run a risk.

I want to be quiet after a day's hard work.

I would like to be viewed as well-intentioned.

I'm running from the girl.


Miles had been knitting for an hour when I called.

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Are you going to break up with me if I get fat again?


No one will ever forget you.

The highly contagious virus was spread through blood and saliva.

All traitors of the fatherland will be punished.

I am going on.

This dog minds well.


You are very busy.

He's been Santa Claus.

It is useless to go on strike now.

There's no hot water.

I will keep on smoking no matter what you say.

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How sad!

This makes me angry.

Make it short.

I will try to sleep again later.

You see? You must study a foreign language.

I had a strange dream.

I can assure you everything is under control.


Stay on the train until the end of the line.

We'll leave as soon as it quits raining.

Becky is going to try to talk to Cary about that today.


Neil didn't sound confident.